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tv   FOX 6 News at 10  FOX  October 7, 2016 1:05am-1:35am CDT

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our big story tonight: the monster that is hurricane matthew. delray beach. you can see the waves very high-- and the category 4 hurricane hasn't even made landfall yet. it's going to be a long night. this storm has already proven deadly. almost three hundred people have died-- most of them in haiti. we have team coverage. ben handelman looks at how people from wisconsin are being impacted by the storm. but let's get the latest forecast from weather expert
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move through this evening with a chance for more concentrated rain possible overnight into early friday. rain showers will taper off by mid- morning friday with peeks of the sun later in the day. it will be breezy and cool with highs in the low 60s. partly sunny and chilly on saturday. morning frost with lows in the upper 30s. daytime highs will struggle to reach 60. on sunday with highs in the middle 60s. tonight: areas of showers and possibly a t-storm. low: 58 dewpoint: 56 wind: s 5-10 mph friday: lingering showers then decreasing clouds. breezy and cooler. high: 62 dewpoint: 47 wind: nw 10-20 mph saturday: partly sunny and cool. am low: 39 high: 58 dewpoint: 37 wind: wnw
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already declared a state of emergency in florida ... and residents there have been preparing for the most dangerous storm to hit the state in years. tonight they're already starting to feel the effects. gov. rick scott/-r- florida: "it's here. it's absolutely here." high winds and heavy rain. hurricane matthew is battering florida's coast. gov. rick scott/-r- florida: "we're already starting to see the impacts and it's a monster. again, our number one
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but the worst hasn't hit just yet. the storm is expected to pound the area with high surf and spawn tornadoes. gov. rick scott/-r- florida: "this storm will kill you." two million people in matthew's path - florida, georgia, and the carolinas- are being told to get out of the way -- it's the largest mandatory evacuation since superstorm sandy in 2012. officials are warning people the hurricane could destroy homes and cut power to millions -- possibly for days... and first re gov. nikki haley/ -r- south carolina: "this is really a serious storm. we have in every way tried to prepare as much as possible to keep you safe as possible." there are people from the milwaukee area stuck in florida-- hunkering down for matthew. and when the storm is over, people from wisconsin will be there to help. fox 6's ben handelman with that part of the story.
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become a vacation to remember. the family started in hilton head, south carolina before mandatory evacuations. the grocery store wasn't bad. then my husband went to get gas for the car and that was like 45 minutes in line, people screaming at each other. so the family moved to their planned end destination early--- disney world. it's not going as planned. they've kept the food court open, they have employees who are staying here if anyone needs anything but we are basically on lock down tomorrow. the happiet shut down for just the fourth time in it's history. food lines at hotels--- stretching into the hours. people were waiting an hour and a half, hour 45 minutes for pizza. as some wait out the storm--- other wisconsinites are heading towards it. we dont know exactly where they are going. nicole gulatz glu-ahtz of the red cross says 18 trained wisconsin volunteers from across the state will go where the damage is.two volunteers are leaving milwaukee friday morning ready to serve meals, and distribute clean up kits.
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theyre used to some tough conditions and theyre ready for it. they love to help. helping pick up the pieces that may be shattered, as others wait--- to come home. we've just gotten to the point where we are just going to laugh it off and say we survived something else on vacation and now it's a category 4 hurricane. aimee tells me the wind has started to pick up tonight. tomorrow expected to be the worst of it. they're due to fly back sunday. meanwhile, red cross volunteers leave tomorrow at 8 in the morning. handelman, fox 6 news. for more of our coverage on hurricane matthew-- visit our website fox6 now dot com and the fox6 news app. the link is on our home page. breaking news now-- milwaukee police are investigating 2 shootings tonight-- one on the south side and one on the north side. there's a large police presence right now near sherman and lancaster. police have been searching in the street, a home and a backyard. and on the southside-- police have taped off about half a block of pearl street between mitchell
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updates on fox6 now dot com and on fox6 wakeup tomorrow morning. the body of a milwaukee woman is discovered inside her laundry chute. the 58-year-old was found in her apartment building at 8th and clarke. police say her death is suspicious. neighbors tell fox 6's ashley sears ,,,, her death is a shock. nats: cars??? at 8th and clarke-- police tape surrounds an apartment building. 15:45 i havent seen her, havent seen her dog after a woman--who was not 15:35 ive been looking for her myself because its not normal, not seeing her. is found in an unusual place 17:57 its sad. 58-year-old kaye powell's body was discovered inside a laundry chute in her apartment at 8th and clarke. police were called the scene around 12:30 thursday. they are calling her death suspicious. family says powell was getting ready to move--and relatives came here to help-- but instead found powell, dead. 15:50 just coming in today, im kind of shocked, like what
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16:54 its too close. stands in disbelief-- 17:02 its scary because you never know what might happen. remembering a kind woman--and friend. 17:10 shes very nice, you always see her, shes always smiling, shes in her garden, she loves her dog. she last saw powell saturday and became worried when she wasn't answering her door. 18:16 its weird. thats the last time i saw her was in the back in her garden. as investigators piece together what happened-- loved ones take comfort in remembering her life-- hoping to soon know--more about 17:35 she was very warm, welcoming friendly. its a shock. again the circumstances surrounding powell's death are unclear. the investigation is on going. live at police district 5, ashley sears fox 6 news. brad thanks ashley milwaukee police are also investigating a homicide near 32nd and meinecke. it happened this afternoon. police say it was a drive by shooting--
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a career criminal is in custody for a homicide in racine. they say 49-year-old harry fumich - killed a woman and tried to get rid of her body by putting it in the dumpster behind sunshine supermarket. according to court documents he strangled her with a cord after a fight over crack cocaine. fumich has been in and out of prison since the mid 80s. you decide coverage now. it's going to be a busy weekend campaigning in wisconsin. not only is donald trump goig we just learned president bill clinton will also be here saturday. president clinton will visit milwaukee to promote early voting. right now we don't know exactly when or where in the city he'll appear. we'll bring you more information as we get it. donald trump will be at wisconsin fall fest in elkhorn saturday afternoon. he will join wisconsin republicans... including house speaker paul ryan, governor scott walker, and senator ron johnson, we've posted those details on
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pre- dawn raid. our camera was the only one allowed along as police k-9s and federal agents visited dozens of homes throughout our viewing area. they were looking for members of the maniac latin disciples gang. in total--28 people were arrested. and tonight the f-b-i is claiming a big victory. our bret lemoine has more on those arrests -- and the two suspects who are still on the loose. early morning raids-- in kenosha and racine counties, as well as northern illinois, leave many behind bars... but there's more wo jt 'they are potentially armed and dangerous.' officials say most of the arrested are members of the 'maniac latin disciples' - or m-l-ds for short... and they will face federal and state charges ranging from narcotics trafficking to armed robbery. jt 'i can say with certainty that we took out the leadership and the greater chunk of the gang membership of the area.' the f-b-i is still looking for your help locating 33-year old erik en-sense-ee-oh ynnocencio of racine and 30-year old fabian melendez of waukegan, illinois. both men were not at the locations targeted thursday
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force is dedicated to tackling gangs who commit violent acts to further their criminal activities.' f-b-i agents say this is the result of a yearlong operation targeting alleged gang members and drug dealers.... and relying... in part... on tips from the community. they say those communities... are now safer. ah 'the overwhelming majority of warrants were in fact executed in the city of racine.' in addition to the 28 arrests, officials seized vehicles, three guns, body armor and more marijuana and cocaine... from more than 20 different locations. jt 'as well as approximately $85,000 in us currency.' if you have any information about the whereabouts of these men, youre asked to call the f-b-i immediately. its believed both could still be in the area. reporting live in st. francis, bl, fox6 news. brad thanks bret new tonight-- the latest chapter
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actually caught one. and he had a knife! the details-- next. plus-- tens of thousands of milwaukee homes have lead pipes. coming up-- a new effort to make sure kids don't suffer because of it. today is october 6th-- that means it's time for buddy check 6! remind your buddy, right now, to do her monthly breast self-exam. the earlier you find cancer, the better your odds at beating it. for more details visit our
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the plea from a couple of people who spoke up during tonight's fire and police commission meeting in milwaukee.
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shot by a milwaukee police officer just prior to the sherman park unrest. the milwaukee county district attorney has the case-- and will decide whether criminal charges are warranted. part of the discussion at the fpc tonight-- dealing with transgender suspects. the milwaukee police department has created a written standard operating procedure. the fpc approved it tonight.. it includes addressing people by the name associated with their gender identity-- and specifics for how to house and search transgender suspects. the united way and local health organizations are teaming up to help provide water filters to low income families. in total-- the organizations will donate 75-thousand dollars to the cause. the goal is to reduce lead exposure for expectant mothers and families with children under the age of six. roughly 70-thousand households have lateral pipes that contain lead... they are in homes ?built prior to 1950. "the priority is going to go to pregnant mothers to families
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we understand that the demand is going to be great." the mayor says the city is currently negotiating how many filters that money will buy. he also says the city is open to working with other businesses which would like to join the effort. new tonight-- another creepy clown... spotted in sheboygan last night. this one's been arrested. a 20-year-old was found with a mask and a knife. our madeline anderson has more on this case-- and the clown phenomenon that's scaring southeastern as sheboygan residents decorate their houses with fake cob webs... spiders.. and ghosts... news of a real-life creepy clown lurking in the neighborhood is making this halloween extra spooky for some. when i was a kid, i remember the big aspirin scare, or the razor in the candy thing. this just seems like another thing like that that takes away the innocence and fun of something that shouldnt be thought about
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alley on 4th and erie... where police say a man was found wednesday night with a clown mask and knife. it's the latest sighting of the 'creepy clown' phenomenon sweeping the country. just this week in southeastern wisconsin... officers were called to several schools for reports of threats from students pretending to be clowns. josh orlowski knows a thing or two about creepy clowns. the 28- year-old aspiring film maker from milwaukee recently created a feature- length movie on the topic... called "the laughter." its about party clowns trying to stop the creepy clowns that stand on th people.although he says it's a coincidence the movie is coming out in the midst of this clown craze... orlowski isn't surprised the trend has intrigued so many. i feel like everyone has their opinion on clowns. back in sheboygan.. that man allegedly found with a clown mask and knife was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon. reporting in sheboygan... madeline anderson fox6 news. there are just a few days left to donate "coats for kids". fox6 is trying to help kids in need this winter. we're looking for winter coats in all sizes-- kids and adults. we have a list
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website-- fox6now dot com. an area of rain showers will move through this evening with a chance for more concentrated rain possible overnight into early friday. rain showers will taper off by mid- morning friday with peeks
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breezy and cool with highs in the low 60s. partly sunny and chilly on saturday. morning frost with lows in the upper 30s. daytime highs will struggle to reach 60. on sunday with highs in the middle 60s. tonight: areas of showers and possibly a t-storm. low: 58 dewpoint: 56 wind: s 5-10 mph friday:
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cooler. high: 62 dewpoint: 47 wind: nw 10-20 mph saturday: partly sunny and cool. am low: 39 high: 58 dewpoint: 37 wind: wnw 5-10 mph 42 high: 64 dewpoint: 44 wind: se 5-10 mph monday: party sunny with a chance for a few rain showers. am low: 49
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mostly cloudy. am low: 51 high: 68 dewpoint: 49 wind: s 5-10 mph wednesday:mostly cloudy with a chance for a few rain showers. am low: 50 high: 63
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refreshed and ready, the packers have their sights set on prime time. and that could mean a little more of what we saw the last time the packers played a game. how emotional might they be? tim van vooren reports from
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get your friday morning started with fox6 wakeup at 4:30-- count on us for breaking news, weather and traffic updates until 9am. tracking hurricane matthew --- where the storm will head next after hitting florida. and the cooking mom will stop by to make some fall favorites. that's tomorrow on fox six wakeup! the break is over and work is underway for the packers as the giants are set to come to town sunday night. as we saw the last time out, emotions were a little more noticeable. tim van vooren has more tonight from lambeau field. "the packers say when they watch odell beckham on video they see a talented player. they're kidding themselves if they also don't see a guy who's been melting down and right on the edge emotionally so far this season. that's off the field as well." "he's a great great receiver and i don't know about all the off the field or about all the emotional things that you all are talking about. just by me
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route runner and he's a top five receiver up in this league." "we talked about it a couple games ago, hey, express yourself. we need more of jordy nelson catching the ball and getting the fans involved. that's, uh, yeah, we all kind of ribbed him about that a little bit. but we love that." "emotion is a part of football whether you're an established veteran or a guy fresh off the practice squad." "you know i'm still balling man whether i'm at practice or trying to whoop some butt, excuse my language, laughs." " because it's a late start for the packers on sunday night, it's a late start for us on the sports blitz as we will have post game reaction live from
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early action in week 8 of the high school season tonight with wisco traveling to oconomowoc and the racoons jump out to a 14-0 lead when 23 rams scoots in from a yard out. but the vikings answer with a deluge of points, including this huge run by brian corbins with 2 minutes to go in the game giving them a 48-28 lead. they go on to win by the same score. thanks to your voting, tom pipines is off to kenosha tomorrow for the high school blitz game of the week between racine st. cat's joe's. he'll feature the game on fox 6 news at 6, 9 and have highlights and reaction from the game on the blitz at 10. the success of team usa at this year's ryder cup at hazeltine national has the folks at whistling straits more excited than ever to host the tournament in 4 years, the next time it's on u.s. soil. the tournament between the americans and europeans heads to paris in 2018 before coming back here to wisconsin. "now whatever happens in paris, i think we'll have a great storyline. whether we'll be
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we're going to try and get it back from europe after and bring it back to american soil. so there will be some great storylines, some great excitement. you'll always have a tremendous team because it's based on points and the captain gets to pick a couple to enhance the squad." the american league divisional series begins today with the blue jays in texas facing the rangers. former long beach state star troy tulowitzki comes through with the knock out blow in the top of the 3rd as giving toronto a 5-0 lead. another former long beach state guy and former brewer marco estrada picks up the win as the jays take game 1, 10- 1.
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night. hundreds of people gathering tonight in veteran's park tonight for the "light the night walk". it's the leukemia and lymphoma
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illuminated lanterns-- red for supporters white for survivors and gold for those walking in memory of loved ones lost. wakeup starts at 4:30! breaking news anytime at on today's special paid presentation for cindy crawford's new meaningful beauty ultra, brought to you by guthy-renker,


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